Lost lover

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When you see some lovers,doesn’t your heart tell you that she was almost yours sometime back? But how can you possibly complain it to her when you lost her due to your own foolishness? How can you accuse your partner to be the reason for your despair when the real reason is you? If you love someone then express it, for sometimes you may get to say it only once..


Stay Back

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Are you leaving?

I ask

As tears fill my eyes

You wiped away your tears


I wish you would stay back

As my pathetic heart is filled with agony

Sorrow prevail your absence

You wiped away your tears


Annihilated the palace

Fostered by love

And I plead

After making you weep


Happiness vanished from life

Entrapped in the corners of nowhere

As your name cannot be parted from my memories

I’m telling you all this

Wishing you’d stay back with me forever

The Silent Murderer

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News breaks through out the 365 days all over the world. How many headlines are missed without having the line “Raped” or “Molested” or “Sexually Harassed”? And how many doesn’t appear, never ever in any source? It’s for sure not because it doesn’t happen in every passing second. Then why is it unknown?

I’ve had my share of experiences in such incidents – let me correct it “I have had my share of having shared such experiences by the victims”. There are cases where a member within your family has molested you. Your tuition teacher tried to get into a scene with you.  The son of your parent’s friend tries to hit on you, while you were living with them for your higher studies. Your doctor tries to harass you. What more could it be huh? I have even seen a case where the daughter was molested by her own father. How humane can he be?

When you are subjected to such an incident, why do you hesitate to tell anyone? Share with your parents or report to the authorities or even fight it back. Fear isn’t it?

How can we overcome this fear? How can we let our daughters and sisters (even sons and brothers) to share it with us? What is our role in getting our family protected by those ‘animals’?

My best bet is communication and trust. We need to properly communicate with our children and make them aware of these types of incidents. We need to build in their confidence to enable them to share their life openly with us. We need to have a closer look at the people, who happen to be in within ourselves. How much ‘should’ we trust them? Do we let our son / daughter get their higher studies completed at the home of a friend, where we do not know who lives / who visits? Do we let our children go for sleepovers to our friends’ houses? Do we need to open our eyes wide enough to see whether the daughter’s grand father or uncle has an ‘irregular’ closeness towards her?

I’m sure all of you have heard from the news some time back that a man killed his father-in-law. After hearing the complete story, I wasn’t surprised. The bastard was molesting his very own grand daughter. He was continuously stabbed on the holy month of Ramadan and the man didn’t have any regrets as he counts the rest of his life behind bars. His life couldn’t be darker I guess? Won’t this be your reaction? As for me, I don’t know what I would do if such a thing happened to a family member of mine. But I’m sure I wouldn’t be satiated until his filthy soul gets burnt in hell till there’s no existence to it as it only belonged to none other than a silent murderer.


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Not that they flee

Trust and vows
Not that they lose

Not that it entrusts

Not that it hurts

Not that it’s bitter

It’s what I despise forever

Couple = < 2 People

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I happened to be sitting beside the TV tonight. As it is Ramadan, mostly the ‘common’ TV would be tuned to ‘TVM’ – our local channel.

There was a program called ‘Tharinna Eku’ or something running on it. Well, basically it was a program featuring the real life lifestyle of Maldivian celebrities who are married.

If I were to comment on it, I’d say it’s a 100% flop. It was boring until there came up some interviews from various people giving their viewpoints about the couple. Believe me, the show didn’t get any better but stupid. The people who were giving their feedback used “2 couple” during most of their replies. Hahahaha ! Like, “they are a very sweet 2 couple”.

C’mon Mr. Producer ! Maybe, the interviewees didn’t know the literal English meaning of the word “couple”, but since this was not a live show you should have corrected this ! But maybe you or the whole production team didn’t even know what exactly is the meaning of the word “COUPLE” right ?

Well, the first glimpse was not impressive, the plot was boring and yeah – the ending was stupid!


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My heart is adorned with your name
My dreams are filled with you
When darkness befall the place
The shining moon is you

As I have to leave you
My heart couldn’t just resist
My eyes are filled with tears
I plea for your forgiveness
If asking for your love is a sin
Or do you consent

You have a beauty in you
Beyond any words to express it
You came to wipe away my tears
As sorrow filled me to cry in an unknown reason

Like a shining jewel
You were shining
Never wanted to wake up
From this dream

With no light I stay here
As you are not by my side today
Will you hold my hand and stay?
I have bestowed you my heart forever

I cry in your memories
I’ll call your name forever
Shall I leave without an answer?
Tell me you love me

You are the existence in me
Spread out your wings and fly to me
Oh my fairy
Oh my lovely fairy


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Every soul shall have a taste of death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception. – Holy Quran (03:185)